November 30th, 2015 by Mark

Have you heard about display re-targeter cookie bombers misleading your last-click attribution?

Cookie bombing is a tactic used to get bigger budgets because the attribution stats will boost attribution metrics. The issue here is that when you use a last-interaction attribution model, cookie bombing claims the attribution for a lot of conversions.

Cookie bombing is a “spray and pray” method of tagging user cookies with ad impressions by purchasing cheaper and low-quality ad impression inventory that never gets seen by users. Only the advertiser’s retargeting cookie gets credit for the conversion with attribution – not any of the campaign tactics in the marketing funnel before this last interaction. Cookie bombing ‘games the system’ of last interaction attribution and claims credit for something where it did not contribute value.

The solution can be to limit your retargeting partners, put strict frequency caps and only give attribution to viewable ads. The last view-through must actually be viewable to the user, otherwise it is worthless. That’s why you can consider strict limitations on frequency capping, or the number of times your ads appear to the same person over a given time period. You can set this to only serve impressions every 3 hours – they will do a better job of pacing the messaging and showing users the right ad at the right time.

Do you suspect your attribution model is being gamed by attribution models? Let us know in the comments!


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